ETK LLC required

Bus driver
  • Job responsibilities: The movement of the bus in accordance with the schedule and route scheme. Handing over to the cashier after changing the amount of proceeds from the sale of control tickets in the prescribed form. Compliance with the rules of the road, transportation of passengers and baggage. A courtesy and courtesy in handling passengers. The passage in the prescribed manner of medical examinations in order to identify diseases incompatible with the duties of a bus driver.
  • Requirements: Specialized secondary education, category "D" driving license, total driving experience (on any vehicle) - at least three years.
  • Schedule: Shift work schedule (two days work, two days rest).
  • Salary: 45 thousand rubles.
Legal adviser
  • Job responsibilities: Check for compliance with the legislation of the documents of the Company. Amendment of constituent documents. Registration of legal entities. Preparation of claims to counterparties, monitoring the progress and the result of their consideration. Creation of draft agreements, verification of counterparty agreements for their compliance with the law and the position of the Company. Preparation of documents for obtaining licenses, permits required for the conduct of the Company's activities, statements of claim and their transfer to the courts. Representation of the interests of the Company during inspections by control, supervisory authorities.
  • Requirements: Higher legal education, good knowledge of the legislation of the Russian Federation, skills in contract work, claim work, preparation of various legal documents, representing the interests of the company in various instances.
  • Schedule: Five-day workweek with two days off: Saturday, Sunday.
  • Salary: 30 thousand rubles
Administrative and business specialist
  • Job responsibilities: Maintenance and support of the process of operation, maintenance and repair of real estate objects, equipment of the enterprise. Conducting business activities. Ensuring the smooth operation of lighting systems, water supply, heating, sewerage and ventilation equipment of the company, monitoring the health of the equipment.
  • Requirements: Secondary technical, secondary vocational education. Work experience in the profession at least 1 year. Knowledge of electrical engineering, building maintenance and repair skills are encouraged.
  • Schedule: Five-day work week with two days off: Saturday, Sunday.
  • Salary: 40 thousand rubles.
Occupational safety specialist
  • Job responsibilities: Develops programs, events, projects of local regulations to ensure safe conditions and labor protection, improve labor conditions and safety. Conducts introductory briefing on labor protection, coordinates the primary, periodic, extraordinary and targeted briefing. Checks the knowledge of workers of labor protection requirements. Provides the organization of preliminary and periodic medical examinations, other obligatory medical examinations (examinations), obligatory psychiatric examinations. Coordinates and monitors the provision of workers with personal protective equipment, as well as their storage, assessment of their condition and serviceability. Takes part in the work of the commission for a special assessment of working conditions. Prepares reporting documentation for the employer on labor conditions and labor protection.
  • Requirements: Higher professional education in the direction of training "Technosphere safety" or corresponding areas of training (specialties) to ensure the safety of industrial activities or higher professional education and additional professional education (professional retraining) in the field of labor protection. Work experience in the field of labor protection for at least 3 years with secondary vocational education or without presenting requirements for practical work experience. Knowledge of laws and other regulatory legal acts in the field of labor protection; state regulatory requirements for labor protection, labor protection requirements established by the rules and instructions for labor protection, office work and methodological documents on labor protection
  • Schedule: Five-day work week with two days off: Saturday, Sunday
  • Salary: 35 thousand rubles.